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Why Black Locust and why Midwest Black Locust? 

Midwest Black Locust represents a different type of business model.  Our first goal is to spread the word about the utility of black locust, build markets based upon this utility, and spread the value derived from this natural product's renewed market acceptance throughout the production cycle. From landowners to processors to the final consumer, Midwest Black Locust seeks to provide all of us with a fairly-priced and high-value product, without depleting the rain-forest, transporting products all around the world, or treating other wood species with chemicals. 


Though we hate to admit it to ourselves, we know that the products we sell will far outlive us.  Black Locust fence posts remain in service on many a Midwestern family's land after their initial placement 60, 70, even 80 years ago.  Midwest Black Locust seeks to leave a legacy of utility that is intrinsic to each piece of Black Locust harvested and placed into use by our customers.  Black Locust isn't the easiest wood to bring to market - it has thorns and is difficult to source - but good things come to those who overcome life's prickly situations and persevere despite its challenges.  That's what we do at Midwest Black Locust, though, and that's what we'll do for you if you choose our products.  

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