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Posts for Fencing, Vineyards, Trellises, Custom Projects

Midwest Black Locust offers agricultural posts and rounds up to 12" in diameter and 24' in length.  All of our products are appropriate for organic applications, as well.  Unlike with pressure-treated lumber, Midwest Black Locust's products contain no chemicals, are locally-sourced and produced, and provide a superior result compared to pressure-treated and dimensional lumber.  Consider using black locust posts as alternatives to concrete piers on your next project.  Driving an 8' black locust round into undisturbed, well-compacted soil saves you the expense and hassle of excavating, the expense of "sonotubes", reinforcement material, and concrete.  Once set, you will have a post array that provides you with the ability to exactly create a level building surface onto which your joist can then be set.  Midwest Black Locust "Never Rot" posts, piers, poles, and rounds start at $1.00 / linear foot plus delivery and required sales taxes.

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