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"Forever Decking" - a product so long-lasting and maintenance-free you will forever thank yourself for installing this decking.

Midwest Black Locust offers its "Forever Decking" in 3 1/2 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, and 5 1/2 inch widths.  Custom widths are also part of what we do to help the product fit your particular aesthetic needs and design.  Like all black locust products from Midwest Black Locust, this product is naturally decay resistant.  Without treatment, "Forever Decking" weathers to a beautiful grey color, and when wet, produces a natural anti-skid surface under foot.  "Forever Decking" is also extremely hard and wears well even in heavy-traffic areas like commercial walkways, marine settings, or storage facilities. "Forever Decking" will perform like an exotic hardwood such as teak or ipe without the high cost or environmental consequences of a rain-forest harvested product. Midwest Black Locust's "Forever Decking" starts at $2.25 per lineal foot for our cabin-grade product.  

Our decking material as compared to pressure-treated pine.
New York Botanical Garden / Native Plant Garden project, completed in 2013.

The sub-structure and support framing construction and installation of the decking and fascia board was completed in December 2012 by Hettinger Construction of Yonkers, NY.  These photos show the effect weathering (five months in NYC) has on our decking product.  All our products will "grey-out" a few months after being installed.  In contrast, the black locust benches pictured below have just recently been placed outdoors and shows what black locust looks like before it weathers.  The decking material pictured below shows our 3 1/2" width, 5/4 (1.25") thickness material.  The 5/4 thickness allows for a hidden fastener system to be used for installation.  The CAMO hidden fastener system does not require pre-drilling and is available at Home Depot, which means you can have this same result at your house.   

Forever Decking

Midwest Black Locust "Forever Decking" is selected for grade, as well.  The picture below shows our material as compared to a construction grade piece of black locust dimensional lumber.  Midwest Black Locust Select Grade "Forever Decking" has a facing surface of 80% clear or better with small pin knots only, minimal checking, and no wane or shake.  Decking that doesn't make the grade (like the board at right) makes an excellent fence board or landscaping tie - nothing is wasted and we try to find a market for everything that comes out of the woods.

We start with sustainably-harvested material...available from a number of locations throughout the Midwest...and in quantities from a pick up truck load to a full truck load.
Once delivered, our "Never Rot" posts can be driven directly into the soil with minimum preparation.  Auger a hole to loosen the soil, back fill with the loosened dirt, pile drive the small end of the post directly into the loosened soil and you're ready for a gate or fencing.  These pictures are from a grass-fed beef farm in Dane County, WI.
The Black Locust Hops Pole - set it and forget it.

Midwest Black Locust hops poles available in sizes up to 30' in length and in trailer-sized quantities or truckload quantities.  Like with the black locust fence post, drill your hole, set your hops pole and focus on production.


Our Black Locust Hops Poles at Bell's Brewery in Portage, Michigan

















Here's a video and some pictures of a recent order provided to a customer in Wisconsin.

Rock Solid Lumber" is the most enduring, locally-sourced and sustainably-harvested
lumber available today.

Midwest Black Locust dimensional lumber is available in sizes up to 12" x 12" and lengths up to 16'.  "Rock Solid Lumber" pricing starts at $2.50 / board foot for rough lumber.  "Rock Solid Lumber" can be either air or kiln dried, depending upon your time frame and the season in which you place your order.  Ripping, surfacing, planing, and other milling treatments are also available.  At Midwest Black Locust, almost everything is custom-milled, so whatever your dimensions, whatever your edge treatment, that's what we will deliver.

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