End Grain Cutting Boards

Our newest product, black locust end grain cutting boards are like all of our products - unique, made in America and made well, and useful.

Typical sizes are those pictured at 18 x 24  & 12 x 12 at 1 1/2 inches thick.  As with everything we make, custom sizes including counter top inserts, butcher block tops, and almost anything  you would like us to make are also available.

The standard sizes start at $80 for a 12 x 12 at 1 1/8 inch thickness, $100 for a 12 x 12 at 1 1/2 inch thickness.  Custom pieces are priced by the square inch.  Give us a call for wholesale pricing, too.

(832) 800-4MBL or (608) 218-4582